Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Painting my Palate...

As promised here is the menu for our Colorful Plate Party. After we've had cocktails and some summery appetizers, we will sit and begin the evening with Summer's Harvest Soup (posted September 2nd) and I'll pass around assorted artisan breads - I opted to buy bread rather than make it - it's too hot. Generous slices of ciabatta, pumpernickel and a hearty multi-seed will accompany olive oil for drenching. I'll pass around bowls of crabmeat and shrimp for guests to add to the soup, its optional as the soup's flavor speaks volumes, but adding either of these decadent seafood favorites ... is simply decadent! It adds another dimension of elegance as well.

Steak Fahitas (see August 31st post) will follow the soup/bread course. For dessert I can't wait to share my recipe for Spearmint Peaches I shared on Click and Cook on August 26th. One thing I know for sure, everyone will have had their fill of Summer's Harvest! Happy Labor Day weekend.