Monday, August 8, 2011

Amanda and Jeff's Wedding Reception

Congratulations to my clients Amanda and Jeff who got married over the weekend! Amanda chose hot pink and lime green as her colors and as you can see from the pictures I took, the table was gorgeous! I'll take credit for preparing everything on the dinner menu except the wedding cake which Amanda baked. But she ran out of time and left the decorating up to me!  I was wondering how I was going to accomplish this task, given I had to prepare dinner for 25 guests! I had appetizers yet to assemble, some that had to be cooked and the seated dinner to prepare and plate. Fearing I would run out of time when it came to cake cutting time, I thought it best to decorate the cake before I delved into appetizers and dinner.

To protest the icing, I carefully topped the areas of the cake to be decorated with parchment paper. As for the decorating, I wasn't really sure what to do, but I could hear my mother saying, start with a foundation. So given hot pink roses were part of the centerpieces it seemed fitting the rose would be the foundation for the cake. Then I surrounded the rose with very small clusters of lime green hydrangea's. Ditto for the edge of the second layer. I dropped a few rose pedals around the hydrangea clusters. Amanda was thrilled!