Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitchen Secrets - Style Magazine

          you can see, the November 2011 issue of Style magazine is all about food.
One of the features is Kitchen Secrets where 20 local foodies dish out their best go-to recipes, kitchen tools and tips. The editor, Brian Michael Lawrence asked me to submit. I did and when the issue came out I discovered the kitchen tools and tips part of my submission wasn't included. I haven't had the chance to ask why, perhaps they ran out of space or maybe it's because after I submitted the requested assignment (the first paragraph that follows) Brian was intrigued and asked, "I'd love to hear you expand a bit on the Cheese Curry Pate— how long you've been making it, how you got turned on to it, what you serve it with, etc. And a recipe would be great!" Whatever the reason for the oversight (?), I thought I would share it with you!

My Kitchen Secrets

My hands are my favorite kitchen “gadget.” Efficient and flexible, they always get the job completed. (Of course, I also love my Cuisinart, which works culinary magic in just seconds.) My favorite go-to sea ingredient is sea salt (as opposed to bleached table salt) -- I love it because it both complements and enhances the flavor of almost any food. Cheese Curry Pate with Damson Plum Sauce, is a mouth-watering combination that always receives rave reviews from my guests and clients – even from non-curry fans! When company arrives unexpectedly, I top cream cheese with my own homemade pepper jelly -- tasters wonder if I knew they were coming and imagine that I’ve been in the kitchen for hours. In the grocery store aisles, I find myself going after Rapunzel brand Vegan Vegetable Bouillon; it brings out the best in so many recipes.

Kitchen Secrets located on page 143 reads …

My sister, Kate, discovered this recipe in a garden club cookbook more than 30 years ago. The combination was so appealing that she prepared it (after some minor tweaking and testing) for one of her catering clients. It was a huge hit and became her signature appetizer, serving it to hundreds of people during her catering career. After more than a decade of running her business, Kater & Company, my sister, “sold out” to me, and I was delighted to take on her pleasing recipes along with her solid client base, staff and equipment.

Cheese Curry Pâté with Damson Plum Sauce has been just as popular with my clients as it was with my sister’s.  For curry fans, this dish is heaven -- but at various tasting events, I’ve seen even the most emphatic curry detractors won over by its flavorful combination. The recipe is located on page 1 in my cookbook, This Book Cooks, and for good reason – it is that volume’s “number one, go-to” recipe that, once sampled, always nets a cookbook sale!

Please note, for the recipe for Cheese Curry Pate with Damson Plum Sauce scroll down on this page, click on appetizers, from their scroll toward the bottom and you will see the recipe for this I posted on September 24, 2010.