Monday, November 19, 2012

Juicy and Flavorful Turkey Recipe

Our rendition of Marie Louise’s Turkey

Pictured is a turkey recipe from a cookbook Nick picked up at a yard sale in 1989. The editor's note below the title says; This is the best way we have  found that will make the juiciest and most flavorful turkey that you have ever cooked! I posted this recipe last Thanksgiving and received so much feedback I decided to share it again. Whenever we prepare this for Thanksgiving Nick marks the size of our turkey and how many hours to cook the bird. The editor is correct, it turns out one of the most delicious and moist turkeys we've ever eaten. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Gobble, gobble!

Juicy and Flavorful Turkey Recipe

I didn't change much from the original recipe, but I did simplify the directions. It's best to prepare the turkey the day before you plan to cook it. As for the soft paste consistency (we have never measured the ingredients and evidently neither did Marie Louise), think of thick ketchup. Cheesecloth can be found in kitchen supply isle of most grocery stores.

Soft Paste Mixture
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
Dry mustard
Apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper

In a medium bowl, combine olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, dry mustard and a little bit of apple cider vinegar, season well with salt and pepper. Rub the turkey well inside and out with the soft paste. If you run out of paste mixture, make another batch.

1 turkey
1 onion, cut in half
2 stalks of celery, cut in half
A few sprigs of parsley
2 strips of bacon
1 stick butter, cut into chunks
Olive oil
2 cups chicken broth

Place onion, celery and parsley sprigs inside the turkey. Across the breast of the turkey, lay 2 pieces of bacon. In the little crevice between the drumstick and the body of the turkey, place chunks of butter. In a medium bowl, soak cheesecloth in olive oil. Cover the turkey with the olive oil soaked cheesecloth. Transfer turkey to a roasting pan to accommodate. Cover and refrigerate turkey until the following day.

Preheat the oven to 300°. Add chicken broth to the bottom of roasting pan. Cook turkey uncovered according to these (Marie Louise’s) recommendations:

7-10 pounds, 30 minutes per pound
10-15 pounds, 20 minutes per pound
15-18 pounds, 18 minutes per pound
18-20 pounds, 15 minutes per pound
20-23 pounds, 13 minutes per pound

Baste the turkey only once or twice during the course of cooking. This browns the turkey beautifully and makes it tender. Remove cheesecloth and allow turkey to stand for about 30 minutes prior to carving.