Monday, July 19, 2010

Cant a loupe this Experience

It's hard for Mr. Fabulous and I to believe that more than twenty years have passed since I traded in high heel shoes for sensible shoes, fifteen hour work days for my own work hour schedule, General Manager of sixty-plus employees for minding myself! Typically, I ate on the fly, usually from the hotel's restaurant kitchen and late night meals (if I didn't skip them) were eaten out.

Back then Mr. Fabulous was the cook. On the few occasions when we ate at home he would put together some great tasting combinations. Cantaloupe was the basis of two mouthwatering combinations I vividly recall. Nick would top cold wedges of perfectly ripe cantaloupe with vanilla ice cream. The orange sweet flesh combined with silky, cream-filled, white-flecked, mouth-watering vanilla ice cream slithered it's way down my throat like a smooth single malt scotch ... perfect harmony.

And if we didn't finish the decadence the night before, for breakfast Nick would top bite size pieces of cantaloupe with cottage cheese, toasted walnuts and one full grind of black pepper.