Friday, January 27, 2012


                                                                                                              how salt transforms the flavor of nearly all foods, even fruit. I salivate during the winter months thinking about salt sprinkled on orange colored wedges of ripe and aromatic cantaloupe! Salt accents the flavor of meat, brings out the individuality of vegetables, changes the flavor of bland starches, especially pasta and it's hard to resist sprinkling it on sweets like chocolate and caramel. While I'm a seasoning fanatic (a useful tip I inherited from my mother) there is nothing I've discovered that can replace the flavor of natural salt.

I recommend three types of salt. My favorite is Real Salt that comes from a mineral-rich salt deposit in Redmond, Utah in the United States. Real Salt's unique coloring comes from more than 60 natural trace minerals. It's like none other I've ever tasted and it's the salt I use for any food that gets seasoned with salt. Himalayan Salt (pictured above in block form) comes from the salt deposits in Khewra, Pakistan and has an earthy flavor with varying hues of pink and orange. Celtic Sea Salt  is unprocessed, kosher and hand-harvested and gets its light gray hue from the clay ocean beds its harvested from. Celtic Sea Salt is a mineral-rich salt that contains vital trace elements.  

I never use iodized salt because it's been chemically treated. Natural salt isn't stripped from it's natural state making it tastier and healthier. Your choice for the type of natural salt you use may very well come from where the salt is sourced - the United States, Pakistan or the ocean!